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Okay, here are the rules. First of all, you cannot cuss at anybody. No sexual remarks or harassment. If you violate any of these rules you will be banned from this RPG until further notice.

Other rules:
Gundams: You can own a maximum of 3 gundams.
Transport and Carriers: You can only have one Carrier or Transport ship. No fighters (jet core boosters,etc.)
People: You can only join as one person. No several names controlled by the same person.

1.The battle system.
There are two ways to battle. Chat Battles and Written Battles.
Here is the Chat Battle system and it's rules:
Chat battles are really what make this RPG fun. You enter the chatroom here on the site and battle another person from the site. Simple, huh? Red below for the chat battle system.
In order to battle you need to first, know your MS. Know what weapons it has. Then you type "atk wea" then the name of your weapon. EXAMPLE: atk wea beam saber
Next, you need to know how to get out of the way of your opponents attack. When your opponent attacks you with the above command (atk wea etc.) then you type in "dge" for dodge. YOU MUST DODGE WITHIN 3 SECONDS OF THE ATTACK BEING MADE!! If you don't, then you are hit. The attacker then gains a point. This will continue until one person reaches 10 points.
You can provoke duels (1 on 1 battles) against the member of your choosing. Here is an example:
       (you talking to another instant messanging) "I'll make you a deal, I'll give you $5,000 if you beat me at a duel, but if I win i get $5,000 from you." said one guy to the other. Other guy says, "Okay, when and where?"  
       And then they go into the main chat room and start. Get the idea?
       By winning battles you also get a pre-determined amount of Experience Points (EP). You can use your EP in combination with your money to buy stuff for your Mobile Suit.  More on shopping if you scroll down.
To set up a Chat battle, E-mail me at telling me who you want to battle (having CHAT BATTLE on the subject line)  and for how much money for. If that person agrees, I'll will e-mail you back telling when it will take place. Another way is if you have already agreed upon by chatting with each other (instant messanging i guess). Tell me that you and that other person have already agreed upon a chat battle and then I will set it up or Ref. Speaking of a Ref, whenever there is a chat battle, there has to be a referee watching to make sure it is fair. That ref has to be a staff member of this RPG or designated by the staff members.. All battles will take place in the chat room on this site unless something goes wrong. One more thing, If you battle a person and lose you still gain 5 EP.

Now, for the Written Battle system. Here is the info on it and it's rules.
For a written battle, a battle where I determine the winner than write out the battle, you e-mail at ( having WRITTEN BATTLE on the subject line) telling me what kind of fight you want it to be (ambush,1-on-1, 2-on1, or pursuit) and where it happens (space, colony, planet ,etc.) You won't get money for winning written battles but you do get EP. You get more EP for duals (1-on-1) than for anything else because it is fairer. There isn't any cussing or anything like I stated above. Also, you can attack and/or try to take over bases or colonies. See the Member owned colony/base list page for details of Possibility of Penetration to a Base or Colony. If the listed base or colony says "Possibility of Penetration: Low" at the bottom of it's listing, that means it is hard to get in (or attack from outside) to attack and or/take over. The more weapons a base or colony is armed with, the harder it is to attack it. There are three types of "Possibilty of Penetration." There is Low, Medium, and High.

2. Buying Stuff
To Buy stuff, go to the shop section and pick out what you want. EP IS ONLY A REQUIREMENT. YOU DO NOT SPEND IT.  Then e-mail me at telling me what you want and how much it costs. Do not lie about the prices because I will check the prices after I receive your e-mail.  I have alot of stuff. If you want to tell me of things that aren't in the shop section, e-mail me about it.
To join, go to the join page for instructions on how to join.