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The Gundam Tournament Rules and battle lists
I am now accepting entries for the tournament

All right, here are the rules to the gundam tournament.

1. The battle system.
The battle system to the tournament are exactly the same as the regular CHAT battle system. OPTIONAL: you can choose  a summary battle to fight your opponent. Both members have an equal chance of winning. All i do is flip a coin and choose the winner that way. The Hit Point (HP) system will be adapted into the chat portion of this tournement.

2. Prizes and places.
1st place: $200,000, 50 EP,  free repars to your gundam for a 2 months, a twin buster rifle, a retractable heat rod, and a free upgrade.

2nd place: $100,000, 35 EP, free reparis for a month, a triple beam rifle, a heat rod, and a free upgrade.

3rd place: $50,000, 30 EP, free repars for a month, and a buster rifle.

4th place: $25,000, 25 EP, and a free heat rod.

All participants get $15,000 and 10 EP for trying.

3. Singles and Doubles.
The tournament will have two seperate events which you can participate in one or both. They are singles (thats where it is just you versus one other person) and Doubles (where you and a friend versus someone else and a friend.)

4. Each event, Singles and Doubles, will consist of a 3 rounds: Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final Doom. The winners of each round go on to the next round, the losers get a prize for trying anyway (see above).

Round One-Quarter Finals
Syber S.


(there may be a special guest appearing in this round, so be aware)

Round One-Quarter finals
no entries

E-mail me at telling me if you want to participate.