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If you want to join this RPG, e-mail me the following information and PLZ read the How to Join:

Your Pilot Name (Must be Original):

Your Pilots Descripion:

Your Pilots History:

Your Pilots Job:

Your Gundam's name:

Your Gundam's  Weapons:

Your Gundam's Descriptions:

Organization (if you want to be in one):

There, just cut and paste into your e-mail, fill it out, and send it to me. Once i add you, I will reply to your e-mail.
If you just want to e-mail me, you know give me some suggestions or stuff, no join applications, just click on the link below.
When picking your gundam, you MUST get a un-upgraded one. Example:
             Joe - I want Wing Zero
                                   Syber - You have to start with Wing
Get the idea?
Also, to upgrade your gundam you need 50 EP and $100,000
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How to join


I'll make it simple for you and put everything on this page so you don't have ten open ok lets start I'll have an example at the bottom


Ok first you'll need a name for your character so think that up ok you done with that go on


Ok now you need to think up a Description  of your pilot ok lets go on


Ok the fun part you get to make up your pilots history ok on to the next part


A job How else r u going to make money ok here's the list of jobs an description 

Scientist: Scientist can make about any thing and can combined almost any equipment or weapons they make 
$500 a day

Space Officer: The Don't make much but they add points to your Light Force for every bust  they make $100 a day 

Gangsters: You Work For an unknown Org. you boss pays you a $100 a day and this job and points to your Dark Force for every job you do

Shop owner: you r the first to get parts in  and you get paid $75  a day and for everything you sell

Mechanics: Can fix anything gets $50 a day and $$ for every job he does


Now that's over you must go on to your Gundam's name


Ok that was easy now for you Gundam's Weapons you can only start with 3 ok so herse the list pick one from each

Main Weapons

Buster Riffle

Double Beam Riffle

Planet Defenders

Homing Missiles 


Secondary Weapons

Beam Riffle

Vulcan System

Machine Gun

 Flame Thrower 


Hand Helds

Beam Sword

Beam Scythe



That must have been hard ok now a Description of your Gundam


Ok on to a Org. if you want one 


Now you Done 



Your Pilot Name (Must be Original): Dominick Kage

Your Pilots Descripion: A teenager at 16 has Spiked Blonde Hair and is very muscular and handsome he's around 6ft. tall 

Your Pilots History: Growing up in the City and helping his father Build stuff for Gundams and watch all the Gundam Tournaments He was a Destined Gundam Warrior knowing all about the things he new enough to build one at 10 then his older brother became a Gundam pilot a very good one winning many fights but  then the war started and his brother was Drafted and killed by the enemy.    

Your Pilots Job: Scientist 

Your Gundam's name: DeathStar

Your Gundam's  Weapons: Buster Riffle - Flame Thrower - Beam Sword

Your Gundam;s Descriptions: A Large Gundam Capable of many things with the Right Equipment and the right pilot it is mostly black with red trim

Organization (if you want to be in one): Clan X