Gundam Academy     

Here are several missions you can participate in. You can only do each of them once a month and only once a month. To participate in this mission, e-mail me at having MISSION on the subject line and telling me what mission you want to be in in the rest of the e-mail. NOTE: IF YOU WRITE THE MISSION YOURSELF YOU GET 10 MORE EP AND $50,000.  

You can create your own mission as long as it gets my approval. If you create it, you write it. When all is done, you get 35 EP and $200,000

Mission 1: Destroy Veyaete and Mecurious production factory.
Your mission here is to destroy the above factory by infiltrating it's defenses, destroying anything that gets in your way of completing your mission. The Crossbone Vangaurd might get a little mad (they run this factory) and send in some of their ace pilots so be careful.
EP rewarded for completing mission: 20
Money rewarded for completing mission: $25,000

Mission 2:Destroy Libra
Penetrate libra's defenses and destroy anything that gets in your way. Be careful because they have a new line of mecurious and veyaete plus they have a new line of taurus mobile dolls. Oh yea libra also has a main cannon(That can destroy anything so better stay clear of that)
EP rewarded for completing mission is:25
money rewarded for completing mission:$25,000
( open)

Mission 3: Destroy Lake Victoria Base
Get through tha Lake Victoria's base defenses, plant  a bomb where the missiles are stored and get out of there. That's all there is to it.
EP rewarded: 25
Money rewarded: $25,000

Mission 4: Destroy rebel faction
Get to the rebel faction HQ and destroy it. Destroy anything that gets in the way of completing the task. Once the HQ is destroyed the faction empire will collapse and be forced to regroup.
EP rewarded: 35
Money rewarded: $50,000