Gundam Academy    
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Member Count: 6 

4 unlisted


Your Pilot Name (Must be Original): Dominick Kage

Your Pilots Descripion: A teenager at 16 has Spiked Blonde Hair and is very muscular and handsome he's around 7 ft. tall 

Your Pilots History: Growing up in the City and helping his father Build stuff for Gundams and watch all the Gundam Tournaments He was a Destined Gundam Warrior knowing all about the things he new enough to build one at 10 then his older brother became a Gundam pilot a very good one winning many fights but  then the war started and his brother was Drafted and killed by the enemy.    

Your Pilots Job: Scientist 

Your Gundam's name: DeathStar

Your Gundam's  Weapons: Buster Riffle - Flame Thrower - Beam Sword

Your Gundam;s Descriptions: A Large Gundam Capable of many things with the Right Equipment and the right pilot it is mostly black with red trim Dominick came to get the powerful DeathStar when he got a letter his brother was killed in action and took the gundam that his Father. Himself, and there other colleagues were creating for a customer that fought it was the ultimate fighting Gundam but only 75% complete but in his rage he took it and blasted off into space where he encountered the powerful Clan after a long and difficult fight he beat there fighter and then desided they wanted him in there Clan. they helped him fix his Gundam and and add a pirated Buster Riffle to it.  

Organization (if you want to be in one): Clan X

Your Pilot Name (Must be Original): Shiro Alvien

Your Pilots Descripion: 5"7 tall, has medium lengthed white spikey hair like Heero yui's, 17 years old

Your Pilots History: Not very much is known about Shiro except that he has amnesia and lost all his memory when he was young. Shiro was found on The beach of a village called Kurast. When Kurast was attacked by Mobile Suits of the kingdom of Bale. Shiro was told to run from the his village

Your Pilots Job: Shop Owner

Your Gundam's name: Yggrasil

Your Gundam's  Weapons: Buster Riffle - Flame Thrower - Beam Scythe

Your Gundam;s Descriptions: Though lightweight Yggrasil was made to withstand alot. Yggrasil is a black an white gundam

Organization (if you want to be in one): 


Your Pilot Name : Reiko Bluhart 

Your Pilots Descripion: A teenager at 16 has spiked gold hair 5ft tall and is a clueless fool but gets the job done 

Your Pilots History: Born on a colony creating high tech weapons and maintains gundams and also creates one of a kind ammunition.    

Your Pilots Job: mechanic

Your Gundam's name: The summoner

Your Gundam's  Weapons: Buster Riffle - Flame Thrower - Beam Sword

Your Gundam;s Descriptions: A sleak and fast yet powerful gundam with mostly black coverings and gold trimmings 

Organization :n/a

pilot name: Casper

Description: 15 years old, 5'8", Blonde somewhat suave hair, but usually wearing a hat (backwards), and baggy style jeans with a tank top. His background is not known but he is very understanding but when he loses control he can do anything he wants, even if it does mean certain death.

History: after leaving home at 13 he has been freelancing, and working odd jobs to feed himself and pay for his Gundam that he now lives in. now he is heading back to earth after some freelance work in the colonies. little does he know his life is about to turn when he meets a few new individuals.

Job: Mercenary/freelancer if thats alright. if not I'll be a mechanic

Name: Ghost

weapons: planet defenders, machine gun, beam sword

Gundam description: Stealth Gundam, often capable of not being traced by heat, radar, or sound, although sonar can pick it up. all black and highly agile, and extremely fast but not too much power, or defense, so the basic fighting style is stick-and-move.

organization: none