Welcome to the Gundam Academy RPG.
    This RPG is where you take the role of a made up character that you create. Battle in live CHAT battles, buy stuff, etc. It's a great site, so check it out!
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Welcome to Gundam Academy!
Welcome to the Gundam Academy, the best Gundam RPG ever! Please Vote for my RPG on the gundam Top 50.

The Gundam Academy RPG

Ok we have enough members to start and I'm developing a new fighting system

PEOPLE, just so you know  when the site is updated scroll down and click the "Mind It" link. Everyone who does gets 5 EP and $5,000. but only if you tell me.
Join applications, suggestions, etc. are sent to me at BrettPepper248@hotmail.com

Vote for my site for the Gundam Top 50. I would really appreciate it.
If that doesn't work vote for my site here. Thanks.

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